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Meet Ups Are Back

So there is no end in sight so we're finally moving online. There is so much work happening within the network and new members who we would love to meet!

You can register for the event here: Eventbrite

We want young people (16-21 years old) who want to meet like minded people to give themselves the opportunity to create and grow. We want to help foster a strong filmmaking community with the aim of helping each other to realise their potential.

Our meetings include:

  • Sharing of information about opportunities

  • A space to showcase your work and receive feedback

  • Deliver information/workshops that are helpful to young filmmakers

  • A space to network with other young creatives with the aim of fostering collaboration

  • Hear from you about what support you want/need

As the event is happening over Zoom, if you have work you would like to share please email Cassie at to make arrangements.

Who we want to meet

This is for 16-21 year olds from Birmingham who want to gain experience and knowledge about filmmaking or wants to meet like minded and motivated young people. You may have a role in mind or you may want to explore your options.

  • Directors

  • Screenwriters

  • Editors

  • Producers

  • Actors

  • Camera operators/Cinematographers

  • Musicians/Music producers

  • Stylists

  • Make up artists

  • And any other enthusiastic and motivated people!

**Zoom link will be sent out on day of event**

We're really grateful to the BFI Network for the support so we can actually do this properly!

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