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BYFN launched in August 2019 and it's thanks to the support we've received that we've been able to grow our collaborative community

We are supported by


Young Filmmakers

If you're already determined to become an award winning director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer or any other role within the industry we'd love to meet you!  Even if you're unsure of what exactly you want to do, but

are enthusiastic about filmmaking reach out and introduce

yourself so you can meet other likeminded young creators 

Young Critics

If you love films and love letting people know how much you love films, consider becoming a young critic.  We want to help aspiring critics by platforming their reviews, creating a supportive community and facilitating

opportunities through screenings and festival passes. 

Industry professionals

If you're an industry professional who would like to reach out and volunteer some time to talk to our Network we would love to hear from you! Whether you want to come in and present about your career, role or project or just come for an

informal chat, our Network would love to hear from you!   


Work Experience/Shadowing opportunites

If you are in the business of funding scrappy lil groups trying to do the best for their members please reach out! We have big plans and any support can make a huge impact to us.  We want to make filmmaking accessible to all young people regardless of background, reduce imposter syndrome and increase the

chances of a level playing field by creating a supportive

Network of collaborators.  We would love to have a

chat with you :) 



If you're in the position to offer a quality work experience or shadowing opportunity to out Network members, we would love to hear from you.  Within our Network we have members from secondary school up to film degree graduates and

would like to work with you to safely facilitate opportunities for

them to gain experience and broaden their network.


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