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Four years ago, after I arranged an event to "see what would happen" I found myself at the Mockingbird Cinema stood in front of 27 aspiring filmmakers. I knew it was the start of something, but never envisioned still doing it after 4 years and growing faster than ever.

Now we are a strong network of over 140 active members, with some travelling from as far as Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Coventry and Wolverhampton to attend. We offer a space to meet others, expand their network and screen their films with meet ups every month at our home, Mockingbird Cinema.

We've been able to arrange opportunities for our members to work with Joe Lycett, Hamza Syed, Freuds PR and more. Also, we've seen members use the connections they made through the network to make many of their own films and gain experience that way.

To celebrate our four years we held a Screen & Share Session for members to show their work at the Mockingbird Cinema. We saw an amazing work in progress from Pauliina Lekinsen and a test screening from unstoppable super group Forgotten Birthday Films, as well as others from Red Wade, Farren Chahal and Julian Smith which you can watch below.

After the screenings and with the rain thankfully holding off, everyone mingled in the Custard Factory courtyard long into the evening.

Four years ago I had been reading John Waters' book 'Make Trouble' and a quote really stuck with me:

"A career in the arts is like a hitchhiking trip: All you need is one person to say "get in," and off you go"

This one quote is the reason the network exists. There are so many of you out there ready to take a chance on being creative that sometimes you just need someone around you to say 'Let's go.' I hope we can continue to provide the space for you all to find those who will go on the journey with you.

Thanks for being a part of the network - I love doing this work for you.



Red Wade shared their witty climate short 'Cycle Path'


Farren Chahal shared his unhinged horror short 'Interview'


Julian Smith shared the high octane music video he created for Max Mitchell's track 'Del Sol'


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