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Event: Immerse yourself

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Storytelling is at the heart of cinema and innovations have given us the tools to tell these stories, moving us on from the silent era to the CGI blockbusters we enjoy today. From the introduction of innovations such as sound, colour and special effects, cinema has always been finding new ways of communicating and connecting with audiences and that continues into the current conversation with advances in immersive technology.

What does that mean for the future of storytelling? How can we incorporate these technologies and still let our work feel cinematic? What exactly even counts as an immersive experience? 

We've brought together some amazing industry professionals to give us an introduction to the world of immersive and allow us to start having that discussion.

Ian Forrester

Senior "firestarter" Producer @ BBC R&D

Ian's current research is into the area of Future Narrative and Storytelling, with a technology he calls Perceptive Media. A new kind method of broadcasting, which pairs the best of broadcast with the best of the internet to create an experience like sitting around a camp fire telling stories. Interestingly this also crosses over into internet of things too.

Sammy Kingston

CEO of Virtual Umbrella, VR Film Director of the ANONYMOUS Projects

Samantha Kingston is the Founder & Client Director at the UK based agency Virtual Umbrella.

Virtual Umbrella is a marketing and PR company specialising in the VR industry. VU runs a number of VR events across the UK and Samantha is an advocate for representing Women in VR & Innovative technology. She is also is building The Anonymous Project, a 360 narrative piece & creating a voice and a platform for difficult conversations which was selected as part of the Raindance 2019 programme.

Dr Sarah Jones

Doctor of Immersive Stories. Deputy Dean, De Montfort University

Dr Sarah Jones is Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media at De Montfort University, leading on operational aspects in the faculty, including resources, admissions, metrics. Her practice and research sits within emerging technologies and developing immersive experiential films and has advised the UK Government on immersive technologies. She is also Director of the Immersive Realities group within the Institute of Creative Technologies, an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google Jump Creator.

More speakers to be announced

**This event is hosted by Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network for 16-30 year olds**

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