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Close Up: Rajab Mahmood

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

BYFN is already starting to gather some of the most passionate and driven young filmmakers in Birmingham and we want to introduce you to them in our weekly blog 'Close Up'. This week we're meeting Rajab, who's already creating great work and is really taking advantage of the network.

Name: Rajab Mahmood

Age: 17

Favourite Film: Grand Budapest Hotel

Biggest Influence: Martin Scorsese

Ambition/goals: currently studying nothing directly related to filmmaking, I'm studying English Literature, History & Politics. I hope these courses will assist an endeavour into Political sciences' which could be manipulated into creating Politically Aware films. This doesn't mean I want to make movies for older people- it means I want to alert my audiences of all ages- towards thinking of a better world around us. Even it'll never be perfect, the world can be still be better. These are the films I want to make. 

Why become a filmmaker?

Since the dawn of time, story-telling is the oldest form of communication and entertainment. How I view story-telling, is that it's a form of wisdom bottled as a Philosophy. Philosophy will never die, just like stories, but in doing so- people die. The legacy of what I want to leave behind the reason why I want to become a filmmaker. We are the only artists who can speak directly to mass amounts of people, in a dark room. And to me, that just says it all to be honest.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Yes. Currently I'm working on a documentary called Splash Those Waves, which is about How Birmingham's urban Culture has changed- from the perspective of a Teenage Filmmaker- (me). My previous works like 'Kamikaze' was screened in the London BFI cinema screen in front of 200 people and was nominated for Best short film. So my portfolio isn't too bad (LOL!).

How has BYFN helped you?

I've recently made valuable connections with especially one person - Toshiq Azam. Together, I'm going to be producing his work, while he'll be directing for his 1st time on his own written project. It's called Mission. And it's inspired by the Bugsy Malone movie, based around the world of kids- focusing on two twin brothers who live on either side of the law. Justice and crime!

Thanks Rajab!

You can follow the progress of Rajab's upcoming documentary here:

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