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CineQ: Trashy Booty (Dir. Iris Devins, 2020)

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Two dumpster diving trans women unknowingly participate in a social experiment when they pick up a hitchhiking robot on the side of the road.

Written and directed by Iris Devins, this modern story feels futuristic in its style, yet is simple in delivering a message to its characters and audience. From the film description, I didn’t know what sort of thing to expect, but I was surprised by the films colour and excitement. We start by meeting Kat, played by Michelle Hendley, who is searching for breakfast in a dumpster. Her accomplice Willow, played by Denny, seems to have a little more of a backstory with boyfriends and a flatmate, whereas Kat is a little more mysterious, floating around life. This short had a lot going on, but at the heart was a simple story which leaves the audience with a lot to think about wrapped in a cloud of pure joy.

The colours coupled with the camerawork gives us the urgency of an upbeat action movie placing us right beside the women on our screen. Instead of pushing a gritty, heavy load on top of this storyline, I loved how it was kept fresh and vibrant, really making this film feel different compared to other things that are available.

To some people this may sound silly, but I really appreciated that the storyline wasn’t about being transgender. From what I’ve seen, most of the films with a transgender character focus on their transition or make a major deal out of something small, but this wasn’t like that at all. I loved how it gave trans people a space to not have to be extraordinary to be able to be seen or accepted, and how the gender lingo used was just part of their language and not something foreign. I’ve not seen much that gives transgender people space to just be who they are and get on with their lives without it being a big thing, so I’m really glad to have seen this and I’m sure it’ll warm the hearts of so many who feel this representation is finally starting to happen. With shows like Euphoria, and films like Assassination Nation, the trans characters are badass, but with something like this, it shows how they’re normal people who deserve to be on screen just as much as anyone else.

This film is 9 minutes of pure fun that can universally enjoyed by any audience. Whether the dumpster diving, the robot or the character chemistry brings you joy, there’s something for everyone in this short which feels like a prelude to a TV series. I can hope!

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