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Calling young Birmingham poets for collaboration

Calling young Birmingham poets! One of our filmmakers is making any ambitious short documentary focusing on Birmingham and they want you to add your perspective!

Director Rajab Mahmood (17) is scouting for local poets to contribute to his documentary, 'Splash Those Waves', which looks to explore how urban culture in Birmingham has changed over the past decade through 3 key aspects; music, politics and crime.

Rajab is aiming for the film when finished to be entered into film festivals and as well as an exclusive screening in front of friends, family and industry professionals.

  • Three poets to create a piece along the theme of each segment; music, crime and politics

  • Poets must be aged 16-30 years old and live in or around Birmingham

  • Each chosen poem will be commissioned at the rate of £60

If you are interested or would like further information please contact the director, Rajab Mahmood. If you are interested in picking one of the themes already, please specify.

Instagram: @media_rj or @splash_those_waves

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