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Upcoming: BYFN Launch at Mockingbird Cinema

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

We're so excited to be arranging the first meet up of the Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network at the Mockingbird Cinema, situated within the Custard Factory.

We want young people (16-21 years old) who want to meet like minded people to give themselves the opportunity to create and grow. We want to help foster a strong filmmaking community with the aim of helping each other to realise their potential.

Our partners, The Mockingbird Cinema is also kindly offering FREE STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS which includes a free film for all those who join the network.

If have work you want to showcase please contact

In our first meeting we will:

  • Share information about opportunities

  • A space to showcase your work and receive feedback

  • Deliver information/workshops that are helpful to young filmmakers

  • A space to network with other young creatives with the aim of fostering collaboration

  • Hear from you about what support you want/need

Register for the free event here

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