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A New Home for BYFN

Since starting the network in August of last year, we've pretty much had what we needed to start our community - a growing group of young filmmakers full of enthusiasm and an unrivalled spirit of collaboration and support. Finding a regular space and a regular time was a challenge though; we had no budget and a very specific set of needs to facilitate the sessions and as a result our meetings have been sporadic, crowded around tables in the bar of the Mockingbird Cinema. However, despite this we've held a sold out premiere, seen numerous projects getting off the ground and even managed to get a few radio interviews along the way.

But the thing we knew we needed was some stability; a time and place that we always know we can rely on. Enter Beatfreeks.

The heroes over at Beatfreeks welcomed us into their space, living up to their motto "Our space is yours." If you are unaware of Beatfreeks, they have a seriously impressive roster of projects, events and initiatives, so check out how you can get involved or how they could help you.

Thanks to Beatfreeks welcoming us into their space, we were able to hold our first meeting of the year recently, allowing the network to catch up and set goals and we will be there for the foreseeable future on the last Tuesday of every month.

We're really excited about the year ahead, so many plans and ideas in the room that we can't wait to share with you!

Photos courtesy of Ruth Holder

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